Monday, October 4, 2010

US Scooter Stores can now offer the best in Shock Absorption Tech Armadillo

US Scooter Stores can now offer the best in Shock Absorption Tech Armadillo the only scooter gear available in America with D30

by James Materson

It is common knowledge that anyone riding a scooter should wear a helmet for obvious safety reasons. What is less talked about is the importance of wearing protective scooter jackets to protect the scooterist in the event of a fall. Well there is great news for scooterists because many modern scooter jackets are now equipped with a new shock absorption system which allows scooter jackets to offer more protection than ever before.

The new shock absorption system is known as d3O. The d3O material is integrated into the jacket and they way it works is that it combines enhanced chemistry, engineering and design to produce a system which moves freely when moving slowly but which on shock locks together to absorb energy before instantly returning to its flexible state. In the event of a fall the shock will be absorbed by the d3O materials and impact will be minimised.

The d3O system has a major advantage in that it allows functionality without compromising the comfort and aesthetics of the jacket itself. Scooter wear experts, Armadillo, have embraced the new technology and have integrated d3O into their entire jacket range which all contain the 8mm d3O CE approved impact protection. This protection system is designed to be discrete in order to maintain the aesthetically pleasing nature as well as the comfort of the jackets.

The materials used in the d3O protection system have special ‘non-Newtonian’ properties. With normal Newtonian materials if you double the stress, you double the strain. However, with d3O materials the molecules are soft and flexible most of the time but if you hit them hard they instantly lock solid which dissipates the impact energy by spreading it over a larger surface area.

So as mentioned previously, the d3O system allows for fashion and comfort while not compromising on protection. With our example company, Armadillo, you are able to buy the Parka, City Rider, Camovision, Softshell Hoodie and Macintosh ranges with d3O fully integrated into them. So if you think it’s time to buy a new scooter jacket, you would be advised to make sure that the jacket has d3O shock absorption so that you are able to ride in comfort and safely, while looking good at the same time.

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