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New Armadillo Jacket Videos Online

October 20, 2010

Armadillo Scooter Wear Launches new jacket models with Viral campaign

New scooter clothing brand Armadillo Scooter Wear have just launched their Fall / Winter 2010 range of scooter wear with a new online viral campaign.






“The idea is that dealers will be able to download videos, edit them or use them as is, and re-upload to the web” commented Joel Martin president of Martin Racing Performance who is the US logistics partner for Armadillo.

“Dealers that would like to download the videos can do so to re-upload them or they can link to our Youtube page.” Further commented Mr. Martin.

You can view the new Viral Promotion by clicking here:

The Viral videos will feature all the new models individually and as a group and be available for download from the MRP site for stocking dealers. “We intend to follow this up with aggressive in-store POP D30 marketing as well as our booth at the SEMA Show this year. In addition the company is excited about improvements upon the existing lineup. “New models are using stitched Kevlar as well as Codura linings, some models such as the Camo jacket have been improved and all new 2010 production feature the ability to add back D30 amour ( sold separately ) commented Kerwin Vega sales manager for Martin Racing Performance.


With a nod to the original iconic styling that appeals to the modern scooter rider, the clothing

incorporates state of the art technical and protective features, making the new range of jackets

optimum in rider protection. The company has been in the US market since 2008 and has

expanded with MRP so that the US rider can now access its full range of product. MRP will be

honoring any consumer warranties purchased since March 2008 with a copy of the original receipt

from the store. Current Armadillo dealers can purchase from the OEM or by contacting MRP.

The collection is designed with the

modern scooter, moped, and motorcycle rider in mind including scooter jackets, classic trench

coats, hooded jackets and scooter gloves, the entire collection features d3o body armour.

The Armadillo range of apparel has been designed to suit all riders and climates, from Vespa

enthusiasts to city commuters every garment made carries unique detailing, high tech features

such as removable impact protection elbow and shoulder, under stitching with Cordura, MP3

player with Headphone loop pockets, reflective patching, and d30 armour. The line promotes both

style and safety and thanks to the d30 tech you don’t know its there unless you need it. The New

Spring / Summer 2010 samples will be on display at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana Feb

12-15, 2010 at booth 1113.

What is D30?

Under slow rates of movement, the d3o™ CE certified (EN1621-1) pads

provides maximum comfort through softness and flexibility, but when impacted at high speeds

d3o™ displays excellent shock absorption as the Intelligent Molecules inside lock together,

spreading the force over the whole pad. D3o™ completely conforms to your body and remains

almost invisible within your garment, but provides excellent shock absorption when you need it.

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The range consists of men’s and ladies parkas available in khaki and black, the men’s Soft Shell

Hoody in black, and women’s Funnel Neck Fitted Jacket in red.

The women’s Funnel Neck Fitted Jacket is 100% waterproof and breathable. Its lightweight

quality makes it the ideal companion for the unpredictable spring weather. The wonderfully bright

scarlet material ensures high visibility as well as fitting easily with this year’s colourful

spring/summer collections. And for men who don’t like to think too much about what to put on, the

Soft Shell Hoody is sure to be this season’s key wardrobe staple. Windproof, waterproof and fully

breathable, this summer’s throw over will quickly become any riders ‘old favourite’.

In an industry first, Armadillo Scooter Wear have incorporated removable d3o™ CE certified EN-

1621-1 components into high impact areas of the jacket and

trousers. d3o™ is a material already used in snow and riot gear, and contains ‘Intelligent

Molecules’ that flow freely under normal conditions making the material soft, flexible and low

profile, but lock together on shock to absorb the energy from an impact.

The parka range also protects riders from the harshest weather with a total windproof system,

waterproof protection, 3M thinsulate material giving you warmth without bulk, and breathable

Tech3™ fleece inner skin which traps body heat but also allows the body to breathe. To top it all,

the jackets even contain a handy MP3 player pocket so when you’ve parked up, you can plug in.

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