Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Andretti Scooters PSPFE - PSPF faces Federal Investigation!

Click on this link to see the story on Mario Andretti's famous scooter brand Powersports Factory - PSF Faces Federal Investigation.

Finally someone in the media broke the story, it's funny how Dealer News ( owned by Advanstar wouldn't talk about the leaky fuel tanks ) probably because Dealer News is owed $50,000 by Powersports Factory, so thanks to the bad economy we also have irresponsible Media in this country now.

I for one know that no magazine in this day in age in the Powersports Industry really wants to talk issues unless its a press release they are printing so its sad its come to this, but I'm glad Guido did some investigating. Please click the link to see the Explosive story. We need to be responsible as an industry and I know Mario is owed a ton of money, but who cares???

What he needs to be doing is working to get these tanks fixed and the bikes off the road not worrying about the licensing money he didn't get. Same goes for Dealer News they should have been the first to investigate and they didn't. Seems like people look the other way when they are owed a ton of cash. The last thing you want is a leaky fuel tank on a thousand bikes out there with your name on them. Everyone click on Guidos Blog now and read the latest info on the story.


My favorite part from the article which I guess is public knowledge is how they keep changing names and offices "PSF on Sept. 1 announced a plan to delist from the OTCBB. On Sept. 2 the company announced a move to change its ticker symbol from PSPFE to PSPF"

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