Saturday, October 30, 2010


NEW TK EFI EVO MODULES SEMA SHOW PREMIER 2010 we have them for all the buggies from 150cc to 600cc if they are using an EFI engine like the new Kymco 500cc or CFMOTO 600 we also have them for the full maxi scooter lines from Vespa GT200cc all the way to the X9 500cc come see them booth 37045 at the 2010 SEMA SHOW


The easiest way to upgrade your fuel injection system on your bike is now here from TK

• Allows addition of fuel required with engine modifications without upsetting stock fuel map.
• Integrated dials provide easy adjustment and fine-tuning of fuel delivery curve without external programming devices.
• LED lights indicate fuel delivery settings while tuning.
• Won't interfere with Scooter's stock sensors and inputs.
To fit the TURBOJETk you will need to locate the air temperature sensor (IAT) which is located near the air box on most bikes or behind the dashboard/front headlight
on Ducati bikes (please either check your user manual for the location or contact your reseller or DM Meccanica directly if you have any problems). Disconnect
the plug connectors which are already attached to the IAT and attach the plug connectors of the TURBOJETk
module to the relevant connector of the IAT. The TURBOJETk is now ready to use!
As some motorcycles run richer and others are leaner, we suggest that you start by using the TURBOJETk with the dial set to zero and gradually increase the dial to a higher number until you find the setting which is best for your bike.
A slightly modified engine (sport exhaust, air filter etc.) will generally have a better performance with the dial set around 6 if the bike has an aftermarket exhaust system fitted. A setting between 6 and 7.5 or even 8 can be used when the catalytic converter has been removed. The original standard performance is to be found at zero. If the bike is running richer then the setting
will probably need to be set between 2-4. You will feel from the performance of the motorcycle when the engine is running smoothly and it is not necessary to run a Dyno test.
Please avoid falling into the trap of thinking the higher the number the better the performance as it will vary depending on the bike. If it appears that you are losing the torque when you hit high speeds this most probably means that you have set the TURBOJETk number too high and need to try a lower number. This is another reason why it's better to start with a low number and to gradually turn the dial to a higher number.
The TURBOJETk is waterproof.
If you have any technical problems please contact your reseller.

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