Friday, June 8, 2012

Polini Cylinder Kit Sale

We got some new Polini Cylinder kits on sale at MRP come check them out. P 166.0104 

P 166.0104 POLINI KIT YAMAHA CY 50 MINAR.VERS.25 POLINI 70cc Sport- CPI Euro 1 item number P1660104 Cylinder -POLINI 70cc Sport- CPI Euro 1 The POLINI 70cc SPORT is a perfect allround cylinder kit. Nice workmanship, huge port areas and a high quality finish mark this cylinder kit standing out from the crowd. You can use it plug & play (the only necessary modification then is to fit a bigger main jet or you can tune it further. With every other modification like bigger carbs or different kind of exhausts the power increases further. The POLINI SPORT is a good starting point to built anything from a decent tourer to a nice street racer. Either way you will be very pleased by the power delivery. The delivery contains a complete cylinder kit including gaskets and all the small parts. OEM Polini: 166.0104 CPI : POPKORN 2003 YAMAHA : JOG R 50 Euro 2

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