Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Scooter Music Video? Mumford & Sons

So I was asked today in an interview what did I think is the best scooter music video, really a random question. I don't know how that can even get printed in a magazine.

I told her the best scooter video I have seen in the USA since Len Steal My Sunshing ( which features a bunch of MuZ scooters made by CPI Taiwan ) was Mumford and Sons. Yes, I know odd choice, but its a great band and a truly original video. Check it out.

Scooters constantly appear in videos in Spain and MTV Italy ( love watching their artist zip around on Vespa's) But in the USA its odd. We don't have that scooter culture in the mainstream so its more of a bonus when you see an Artist running around on Indian scooter like a Hero or European brand we don't normally see. Its an oddity like driving in LA and seeing a Malaguti or an Italjet. They are treasures for the scooterists out there.

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