Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adly USA New Importer, More ZNEN importers

So good news Adly Taiwan has a new importer for their scooters.

So the Scooter War in America continues.

Only way to find credit is in Asia for American banks leave little choice for our dealers. Word is GE is making thing tighter again for the distribution side. Only well capitalized companies like Kymco should be doing ok, where private importers will likely be forced to seek more capital to keep importing in the coming years. Given that gasoline prices didnt rise the way we hoped for this is no surprise.

Not all is lost, as we continue the battle for lower prices in 2012 we've noticed a couple of things. I often speak to dealers and they say things like were a dealer for NST, TNG, United Motors, and they forget their talking to the guy that is still counting United Motors Global parts two years after acquiring them. Even Hyosung doesn't have any new scooters so any new scooters out there are from 2009 or 2010, but we have plenty of parts.

The best news we've heard is that Adly has a new importer and they will likely be working with MRP on support. Thats great since we've helped a ton of dealers out since were the only guys with a cache of ADLY ATV parts.

Bad news rumor is the factory that was making LaVita 150cc designed by CPI in China might have closed. So there goes another promising brand. Maybe, Im wrong but this is how news travels. We didn't hear NST was gone until later and usually we find out about something when we're getting calls to buy or sell the parts.
Let's play by the book. Sounds like Hammerhead has most of this under control but given that Adly didn't have parts for their ATVs for a long time we've recently started selling them.

Just this week along I heard from two or three new ZNEN Motor Dealers who are now importers as well. I can't keep track of how many people are using the same EPA certificates anymore private labeling ZNEN bikes as their own in-house brand but eventually this will come to an end. Back in 2007 a dozen or so dealers disappeared when customs and EPA came knocking for companies using the same EPA certificates. Agent of records and importers are two different things and we don't seem to get it in this industry. The strive to sell cheaper and cheaper only leads to a few things.

1. More forced labor in China where employees at motorcycle factories dont get paid or are owed months of salaries therefore can never quit and find a new job ( not uncommon)
2. A skewed Motorcycle Sector ( this is a reality ) where everyone is buying mainland Chinese product which is sold for less than actual production cost ( see number 1 ) therefore the factories rely on the kickback every year for being an exporter not from the income of actual sales ( hence why all the European OEMs stopped making stuff ( Looking at you Piaggio, Derbi, Malaguti )
3. More US dealers acting as importers who eventually loose their business in an EPA / Customs raid.

= Buyer Beware. One of our larger clients just did this. My advice to them was to stick with a well capitalized brand that is here for the long haul like Kymco or Keeway. Factory owned or direct subsidiary partnerships are the only way to go if you want long term sales.

So history has a way of repeating itself. We've seen the Adly importers change already four or five times in 10 years. We've seen the trend that ZNEN is going after. Anyone remember Vento? I remember meeting with them and they were going to take us all to Nirvana with their QJ direct idea. Jonway did the same for a long time. If you allow dealers to buy from the factory and the merchandise gets impounded dont expect any accountability from the agent in the USA.

The Scooter War in America continues.

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