Friday, February 19, 2010

What brands should we pick up? What parts should I carry?

I get so many questions at the Expo, they come to meet because I've been doing this almost 10 years and I know all the brands so I do the best I can.

I have two brands in mind for new dealers that went to Dealer Expo for the first time.

Many dealers tell us they need a reliable / affordable scooter to compete with the $999 flea market guys and its difficult to tell them what to carry. Much like the parts business a lot of stores go for cheap and get burnt.

So if you need something reliable with good prices I always say try the guys at Jonway.

We've been working with them for some time now and they are the factory behind many of the names you see in the states. Only issue is that Jonway like all factories have high end and low end so if a US distributor goes to them and says "hey I want the cheapest scooter without disk brakes" they will make it. Thats how it works.

Jonway has really started making much better bikes when it comes to producing in their own brand name. So if you need an affordable unit. I suggest Jonway USA.

What's the best Brand made in China?

Hands down it's CF MOTO. The tech behind the company is superb, anyone who has taken a look at their 150cc LC engine knows its far superior to even some of the engines coming from Taiwan that are still air cooled. They are first class OEM now making UTVs and 800cc engines.

I would highly recommend checking them out.
CF MOTO Scooters and ATVs The OEM o
For more information visit


You should also carry essentials. Tires, Exhausts, jackets, helmets thats the main thing.

Everyone knows it’s important to maintain your vehicle and let’s face it in this high paced world we don’t always have the time to check our CVT belt, change the oil, or remember when we have to change the tires. So it’s important to find an authorized dealership and preferably one that carries a top brand name like MRP. That means they have access to better parts, service, and great prices. Our experienced team members are here to help stores find the parts they need so they can help the end users better.

Besides an MRP sign in the window make sure to ask your friends for references. Check with your local Better Business Bureau and query shops with a good reputation. Talk to your OEM supplier to see if there are any active dealers in your area. Before a big move into a new city find out if the OEM has dealers or an authorized repair center in that city. Many brands change dealers often so its important to stay up to date. Once you find the right store make sure to check for diplomas, certification, and training. Build a relationship and always stop by to see what’s new at the store.

If you're the shop owner then you need to do right by the customers and have the stuff they need when they come shopping. It's a symbiotic relationship and you have to make sure to always keep it fresh and interesting.

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