Thursday, February 18, 2010


So after the Dealer Expo I was talking to a lot of dealers that came to our booth. I even had a really good meeting with the guys over at Peirspeed ( formerly Cobra Powersports ) and after hearing all the feedback I can confirm that on top of my list is the MadAss 125.

Just the buzz, the amount of dealers selling, units moving, its is a fairly unique unit with lots of potential. We should have some parts coming out for this including a TK exhaust shortly.

Next up for 2010 is the KYMCO LIKE 50/200cc
Why the Like? Well the price point, the brand ( Kymco ) the parts support ( best out of all the Taiwanese brands ) and the fact that the company is part of the OEM. Kymco USA is a subsidiary of Kymco Taiwan its like your dealing with Honda only 30 points less than a Honda scooter. Same quality better price. I've been to the Kymco factory, I've seen the sales in Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, and they outnumber the sales of SYM, TGB, PGO, ETON, and CPI combined. When it comes to exports Kymco is the leader. Having that type of support and finally a Retro looking scooter ( the People is the last one I can remember ) they are set to sell in the US some massive numbers.

Dealers must have the latest retro bike and this is it. Yet it has all the backup and support you could ever want. So if you can't get a Honda Franchise then get a Kymco one because in Europe Honda dealers struggle while Kymco ones are making some $$$ on their Scooters.

Don't believe me? Look at the sales in Italy. Kymco is number 3 now behind Piaggio/Vespa # 1 and Honda #2 yet Kymco is number 1 out of the 3 in dealer profitability in Europe. So if you want your dealer to stay in business you buy a Kymco simple as that. I deal with a lot of clowns who argue over the brands, but lets get to the real point. Im the customer I want a quality bike and I want my dealer to be around to repair it. Buy a Kymco.

Finally the must have scooter for any dealership in 2010 in my opinion will be the CUSTOM JAPANESE BIKE. You can pick any model. Zuma, Zuma 125, T-Max, Reflex, but the most common is the Zoomer AKA Honda Ruckus.

I think 2010 is the year of the Ruckus, finally the unit is reaching mainstream acceptance by Car Clubs, Collectors, and the West Coast Community. I purchased a Honda Ruckus back in late 2003 way before anyone else in Miami had one so I can honestly say I've been ahead of the curve. Since then I've purchased and sold maybe 7 frames, done 3 swaps ( not the best ones 1 Minarelli JOG and 2 GY6 units) but we've learned a lot from all these projects. Not many people can say they've owned that many, but everytime I buy one, I play with it, sell it and I learn something new. The main thing I've learned is Honda OEM parts are expensive and its cheaper to fix your frame with aftermarket parts. Just fill it to the gills with whatever you can get. I fell in love with it the first time I went to Japan, but for the first time ever I see second tier dealers selling the Honda at a premium. So the resell value of the unit will actually go up because now you can't get one without paying a premium.

So to me the must have in the window scooter for 2010 is a customized Japanese scooter and I pick the Honda Ruckus. You can have a Zuma, Zuma 125, T-Max, but if you want attention get a Ruckus and customize it to your hearts content.

A dealer with a Pink Scooter in the window or a Honda Ruckus will get the attention they need to sell more MadAsses and Like 50cc units.

Just my opinion on 2010 must have models.

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