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Why Scooter Stores Fail in the Winter in America

Its amazing after a decade in the industry the same questions keep coming at the Maven time and time again.
Doesn't matter how many articles are out there in the winter you get the same questions and same answers.

*Our store is seasonal we survive off restorations and Christmas sales. How do we increase revenue.

Rentals, tours with hotels, sell coffee. See my articles on alternative sources of revenue.
Number one on the list start selling online with MRP.

*Our store has no ecoomerce, no drop shipping, how do we get started.
Easy we have a .csv file easy to upload with links to pictures and 20,000 items in real time inventory. So does Tucker, WPS, and Parts Unlimited. Easy to do by yourself or hire a web guru to do it.

*We are really busy and now in the winter we let everyone go that are summer temps so now I have no time to the site. Can I still buy a site?
Yes, you can. However a powersports network, mrp, any clone site is only as good as the time you spend on it. No site does anything by itself. If you don't spend time and effort on its a waste of money. So if you put up a site you need to blog, post videos, and talk about what you sell.

*We are getting lots of calls and emails since we listed MRP parts on our sites but can't answer the questions.
Ok this is a learning curve. You need to train your employees to open manuals and know brands.
Part of the reason chain stores have a high churn rate is lack of employee training. KNOW THY MARKET.
IF SOMEONE COMES IN OR CALLS ON CPI Your employee should know where the manuals are online for a CPI oliver. He should know the engines.
Buy the engine books, buy books on modern scooter brands. Force them to read and learn.

*We only know two or three brands of Chinese Scooters. How do we learn about Vespa or Cpi?
Read. Train. Invest. If you don't fix every brand in the Winter, if you don't sell online. Your survival skills go to zero.

In the last ten years 7 out of 10 shops have folded. There are some success stories out there but because the owners put sweat and extra hours into it. Half the Vespa dealers from 2008 are no longer around. Our company alone absorbed 10 distributors.
Make an appointment, call me we are here to help but be ready to make changes. Be ready to invest. If you're affraid of investing in parts. In a website. Then its not for you, but everyday you don't adapt its a day someone else does.

Call us we are here to help keep your store open and move into the new age of online sales. 
305 599 8993

Deliveries and Delivery contracts

Updated = So today a store that applied in February who had never purchased called to activate the account. Store owner is in a cold climate state upper NW carries Genuine, Lance and some Chinese scooters and does not have a website. I asked him why not and the answer was pricing.

I told him I had literally had this conversation on Friday and had just blogged about it today. He would be better off having a website and getting rid of a scooter. In the winter its just him and a part time employee. I don't want to tell store owners how to run a shop, but after a decade in the business you would think some stores would listen to this. The brands could care less if one store closes they will likely get another dealer in the area due to the service factor so all the hard work you put into getting more units in the road will only benefit someone else.

Nobody remembers the original Vespa Coral Gables or Vespa Miami 7 years later. They only know the new guy. Same for Vespa Gainesville. There's a new Vespa Gainesville and they are doing great. So if you are going to invest long term invest in making your store a year round shop. Its the only way to guarantee any success.


I get many of the same questions by email over and over again year after the year and my best example of what works in the USA is to talk to someone who has seen it all so today I'm suggesting Pete form Sportique scooters. All round nice guy, if you hire him he will tell you what you need to do. Almost two decades of business experience he knows the brands and what works.

Step 1. Establish the Brand.
What is the store about? Build the scene around it.

Step 2. Make sure you have year round income. PARTS, SERVICE, ONLINE.

The biggest mistake and why so many CHINESE only scooter stores close in Canada and the USA is because they don't sell online, don't have alternative sources of revnue, and turn into seasonal shops. They hire in the summer, fire in the winter. FOCUS ON SERVICE, PARTS, AND ONLINE DROP SHIPPING.

Find a Mentor, talk to an expert like Pete over at Sportique Scooters in Boulder he would be more than happy to consult and help you set up a new franchise.
Phone #(303) 402-1700

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