Monday, October 29, 2012

MarketWatch Scooter Sales World Wide Part 3 for 2012

Back to International Dealer News and the state of the worldwide industry. We just got the latest issue at MRP and we highly suggest getting the magazine. They have featured MRP in there mag several times when we acquired some of our competitors, but overall its a just a really well written mag.

The latest issue features the headline story about Italian sales and scooter registrations being down for another year and ANCMA about to call for assistance. If you will recall the last few years EICMA and ANCMA have been promoting the new show in China as a way of helping exports, but they really haven't done much for the industry. China would have to buy containers full of Ducatis for any real effect to be felt in Italy.

Germany is the only positive news in the Eurozone. They have month on month of growth and this summer went extremely well for Powersports Industry in general.

Motorcycle Sales in Germany were up 2.25% in July followed by 18.09 yeay on year increase in August. While in Italy 50cc scooter sales have been down 6 out of the first 8 months of year compared to 2011 and if they were down during 2 of the best sales months June / July you better believe they will be down the last three months of the year. So Italy is at a loss for 2012.

So far all indications are that the US is rebounding. Will more brands come back to the US in 2013? This is anyone's guess, but the bleeding finally stopped apparently. 

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