Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gas Prices now on rollercoaster ride is reporting gas prices are on their way down as supplies should be up October 2012 for the USA.

Two weeks ago ABC was reporting gas could hit upwards of $6.

Watch "Gas Prices Soar in California; $6 Per Gallon Gas Forcing Stations to Close on West Coast" on YouTube

This caused a September spike in sales of US scooters on the West Coast. Talking to three Chinese importers of GY6 scooters we had all seen a trend of new dealers, new purchases, and tons of online drop shipping to the west coast. Seems like the boom is now slowing down.

Still the spike might have brought some much needed attention to scooters at the end of the year. Some hope this spike now that many stores re-ordered will last until November and Christmas sales.

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