Wednesday, March 28, 2012

US Scooter Industry still in need of consolidation

I haven't written too many articles lately and the truth is there are few places left to submit them to. We are down to three real magazines in the business Dealer News, Powersports Business, and Motorcycle Product News. Besides the occasional yearly article on gas prices and how the industry is doing great, there is no in depth reporting or coverage. More than once I'm the guy that told a dealer their supplier closed.

Wait what happened to CPI? Exactly.

Still it's an industry that is constantly evolving. We've had several spikes of high interest from investors, angel investors, and people wanting to get in on the action.

I salute the girls at GoGo for what they did on Shark Tank and it brought the spotlight back to this industry. Still there is a huge need for more consolidation.

Too many Chinese companies doing the exact same thing. Too many US importers doing the exact same thing.

Email me your thoughts, facebook us. More to follow.

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