Friday, March 23, 2012

The Dream of Scooters are Alive in Miami

Miami is a great place to ride a scooter. We have year round weather, over 10 rental shops in South Florida offer everything from 50cc to 250cc units for long term rentals. There's even word the local Rent a Motorcycle location will be adding Maxi 500cc units for all those tourists that want to fly in to MIA and drive to Key West on a rental scooter. I certainly know more than one Italian friend that would like to rent a 600cc if available for a month in the summer if the service was ready.

We have amazing locations and below are some of the reviews we've done.

The Scooter Maven visits the brand new Coral Gables museum and shows us some of the cooler sights in Miami, Florida. One of the best things about Coral Gables is that when it comes to transportation the city embraces different forms of travel. From its free Trolley operating all week long, to bicycles, and scooters there is a modern vibe to the city. It's different from the rest of Miami in the sense that you can get around on a bike or scooter safely and there's lots to do.
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