Monday, November 29, 2010

Miami Gas Prices around $3 a gallon why you should stock for holidays!

Driving this morning to work I couldn't help but notice gas was at exactly $2.99. Everyone else is probably upset about that, but I'm of the opinion that's a good thing for many stores that are feeling a little more optimistic about the scooter market.

On top of that this holiday season we should see more shoppers since overall the economy is doing better. So those two factors should help scooter shops everywhere. My biggest concern is the lack of stocking requirements and dealers ability to expand beyond mere necessities.

This weekend I got one email in particular from a retailer "We showed a client your sample brochure for Armadillo and she would like to order a small jacket." We'll that clearly demonstrates there is demand, but it also shows me the dealer doesn't know how to sell jackets. So I had to call them and explain they need to stock several sizes to represent the line. This is true for many stores, our best performing jacket retailers stock 5 to 6 models and several sizes of each. How can you sell if you don't have inventory? Especially with clothing its something you have to have to sell.

As Consumers get a little more optimistic about their economic situations they are going to walk into the scooter shops and ask where is the merchandise? So now is the time to stock up before Christmas and get some nice Armadillo jackets or items you haven't thought about stocking in the past. They work hand in hand with the unit sales. That way if you don't sell 40 scooters before Christmas you might still sell 20 jackets.

According the CNN Money Consumer optimism is higher today that it was a year ago and early reports show that more money was spent this past Thanksgiving weekend than last year. So if the shoppers are back will your scooter store be ready? Holiday sales are crucial in 2010 for many retailers so its absolutely necessary to consumer accessories and goods besides vehicles to sell them. This includes everything from masks to key chains, the scooter shop needs to think like a consumer. If you don't stock any jackets what do you hope to sell them? another scooter? Most people walking into the shop will be looking for a gift item for someone who already owns a scooters.

I have some key points
=Stock gloves and jackets easy to sell items
=Stock heavy on the women's motorcycle and scooter jackets ( easy sell to the husbands and men who ride )
=Make sure to have accessories like scarves and headbands
=Winter Time means gifts so everything from key chains to toys
=The Save on Gas signs still work especially with gas at $3 it gets college students and parents to take a second look.

Get ready for Christmas and if you need ideas, email me.

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