Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Over 100,000 Vehicles Need you to work with MRP

Sometimes the message gets lost in the transmission. Too much noise these days. We try to get the word out, but sometimes we all get busy and you don’t find out your local distributor closed until a year later.

I’ve heard from many United Motors dealers that found out UM closed five months after the fact. They simply say “ I didn’t need anything, my store is full of bikes and I haven’t needed any parts,” and that’s when MRP comes in. “That’s when I called MRP for a solution,” he tells me. That’s when our company saves the say. However, even our message still get’s lost in the transmission.

We went from being known mostly for race parts, but the truth is Racing parts are only part of what we do. We also carry clothing, jackets, gloves, accessories, and 90% now is OEM parts. Parts you cannot get anywhere else except from MRP in North America.

We have let people know we have partners. All you have to do is open a current trade publication and you will see MRP is advertising with our industry partner Jonway Scooters. They are a large Chinese OEM who is pretty much the entry level unit for most companies. Jonway in the past has supplied SUNL, ROKETA, REDSTREAK, STRIKER, JMSTAR, and host of other private label importers since they one of the top three makers in China. So when dealers call us looking for the least expensive scooter they can offer to compete with these private label brands we tell them its cheaper to go to the source - why not go to the factory who makes them? So it’s also been great for us since thanks to Jonway we know whats in the generic Chinese bikes that dealers sell. We have these parts available to the average dealer.

So Dealers and Stores know that we know how to keep Chinese scooter running. We were the first company to really focus on these parts back in 2005. However, our current ad fails to get the word out to dealers that we have virtually every replacement part for virtually every off-brand scooter ever sold in America. From MuZ Mozquito Scooters we have the KDU engine parts ( nobody else carries these ) for the Malaguti lineup we have all the engine parts from Franco Morini all the way to the Kymco Air and Liquid Cooled engines, from Linhai 260cc engine parts to the new 300 and 400cc parts. MRP has got it all.

I’ve made several blog entries on the consolidation going on in the industry and I’ve posted at JustGootaScoot and TheScooterScoop letting dealers know we added Daelim, Diamo, Italjet, TNG Scooters among others, but I think it’s difficult to understand so in this video behind me you can see what 12,000 parts look like. Our focus and our image the past few years was only racing parts, but the truth is when you take over a distributor that closes say Daelim with 200 US dealers, the dealers still in business need us. The thousands of Daelim riders in the US need us. Same applies to CPI, and big companies like TNG. CMSI put over 100,000 units out on US roads. Where do you think consumers will go to? They will go to their local MRP dealer. So if you advertise the brands that we have parts for we guarantee your service and repairs will go up. People forget scooters in America get passed down, resold, and several owners will repair the same Vespa or Malaguti scooter. Especially a higher brand name like Benelli or Daelim which is worth repairing over and over again. So if you need parts for these MRP is the source.

Now if you watch the media you’ll realize companies like Powersports Factory are down to two employees and no longer have a parts warehouse. The parts being the most important aspect of any scooter distributor in the USA. So who do dealers turn to for an oil tank or gas tank on a Benelli scooter now? Exactly. You need to have parts on the market and as a third party solutions provider we’ve proven ourselves.

Since the Carter warehouse burnded down MRP has sold over $10,000 worth of SYM / Carter Go Kart parts to dealers. We’ve sold a lot of engine issues. We’ve shipped express pistons and emergency items until the Canadian distributor got involved in helping dealers, but before this happened. We were first. We knew SYM ( having been the original importer back in 2003 ) and we knew what needed to be done like carrying essential parts for the SYM units. Variators, clutches, pistons, things dealers could not do without. We were there and dealers are back on their feet thanks to our sourcing abilities.
In the past year we acquired 7 distributors including Cubik, Keeway Southeast, DAELIM MOTORS USA, CPI, Diamo – Italjet America all these companies over the last decade put over 100000 units on the roads. So if you’re a dealership that wants to tap into the only segment making money for small powersports dealers right now then you want to repair all the brands out there. You need, must have, cannot do without access to these parts. Then MRP is the source for scooter parts you need! That’s the point we try to stress and get across in our blog, videos, and ads. We have parts for everything these days. No other cheap Chinese distributor will get you these. THESE ARE NOT GENERIC CHINESE PARTS – ONLY MRP has parts for new Italjet, Malaguti, BZ, CPI these brands all use proprietary designs. Compare to our competition that maybe only has 1,500 to 2,000 scooter parts and they are the most basic of generic parts, they won’t have anything for a T-Max or a Kymco 150 much less a TNG Baja 150 or ZNEN Motor like we do. So make money, use our manuals, use the site, and help keep those 100,000 scooters on the road.

We have your back as we add more Daelim and CPI to our site every day. www.mrp-speed.com


all these companies over the last decade put over 100,000 units on the roads. So a smart dealer would say WOW - I can use my MRP account to access all these parts. That's the point we try to stress. In a bad market don't turn business away.

So make money, use our manuals. We have your back as we add more Daelim and CPI to our site every day.
Over 150,000 Scooters in the USA are supported by MRP

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