Monday, September 20, 2010

Boring Out Cyclinder on Honda Joker 100cc 2T

Todays Project in the Research and Development department is a big bore piston for the Joker 100cc scooter we have in the warehouse. This is a classic Japanese Honda mid 90s grey market bike which Aprilia copied in the early 2000s to make the Habana later called the Mojito when Aprilia refurbished 1500 units of used 2000 and 2001 models they repurchased in Italy because they wouldnt sell and sent them to the US as the Mojito. Later on the Chinese OEMs copied the mold particularly ZNEN Motor Co and it has sold as the IL BELLO, ELVIS, RETRO from TNG and a ton of other names. In the end the original is called the Honda Joker and the Scooter Maven happens to love it so we are going to create our very own big bore cylinder for it and use a forged piston. So this is our new project for Sept 2010

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