Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who makes the older United Motors and ZNEN models?

It can be a little difficult to know who does what? There are several brands of scooters that actually work on other brands. Case in point United Motors. 

When looking at these bikes it can be confusing. Older models are QJ / Wangye, newer models are Hyosung.

Same for TNG - CMSI, Twist N Go and Italica scooters. Older Models are QJ / Wangye Newer Models were ZNEN Motors China.
Sound Familiar?

Who Makes Bintelli? Wolf Scooters? Gorilla? Italica Motors? Baccio? ModCycles Miami? Excalibur?  Qlink models So many brands of scooters to think of all made by ZNEN China, the plastics change, and the stickers but these were all made by ZNEN China.

At MRP we sell parts for all the private label using the OEM numbers from QJ, Wangye, Keeway, Hyosung, and ZNEN. So no matter which of these brands you can search for the parts using the part numbers.

Check out the UM section of our repair manuals.

Older United Motors scooters came from Wangye China. This brand was previously imported prior to 2011 by Modcycles.com or Baccio scooters in Miami both companies would buy the same models in China from Wangye and private label them (since then the new 2012 Baccios are ZNEN Motor same as Gorilla Motor Works, TNG Scooters, Italica, Znen USA, Puma Cycles, BMS, Qlink, Baccio, Wolf Scooters, Binterlli, Xcalibur, TRD, Astro Tools, Carolina Fun, and other former ZNEN importers ) United Motors would also buy from Hyosung. Anything after 2007 is a Hyosung scooter or Hyosung Motorcycle. Prior to this the motorcycles could come from Jialing, Jincheng, Zongshen ( also sold to Modcycles / Baccio, Devian, Baja Motors and others) MRP acquired all these UM parts so technically the same parts if you follow the manuals work on the PUMA / ZNEN based models just use the TNG scooter numbers or manuals. Same goes for the Wangye based units they will work on several Baccio models or in the case of the Xpeed it is the exact same as the CPI Oliver, the Vento, Diamo, and Xtreme scooter. So check out manual section when ordering we have the most comprehensive parts selection in North America and nobody has as much variety of scooter parts as MRP. http://www.mrp-speed.com

For ZNEN Bikes make sure to check out our wide assortment of TNG - TWIST N GO Manuals for the ZNEN China lineup. PUMA Scooters, baccio, Modcycles, Italica, Bintelli and more!

se these manuals to get the part numbers before ordering:
United Motors:

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