Friday, January 11, 2013

Dealer Expo 2013

So we're doing polls now and trying to figure out if the scooter buyers are still going to this show. Fewer and fewer buyers have gone the last few years. It's still essential to go if you're in the Powersports Business, but mostly to see familiar faces and reconnect.

On the floor level there are few sales, unless you have some Dealer Expo special but the shows gone to the Chinese the last few years as the Mecca of low end vehicles took over and low priced accessories. This year Parts Unlimited backed out, so did the MIC annual meeting, the Italian Trade Commission, etc.... making us ask is the show finally done?

We have to go, no question about it, but would it be better to just put a keg outside and invite all the loyal clients that place orders at the show to come out to dinner. It would certainly be cheaper if the prospects of new clients is small. Unlike the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas or another industry show this is not an industry that can rebound as quickly with new stores. Dealers are the life blood of the business and they are coming back, 2012 was a decent year, but they haven't returned in the numbers everyone needs to see.

So I have to ask the question, are you going to Dealer Expo 2013?
If you are make sure to drop us a line.

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