Saturday, October 8, 2011

Naked Woman on Velocifero a hit in Italy

You have to give it to Italjet. Back in the late 90s Americans had few choices when it came to European scooters. Before Piaggio came back in 1999 you only had Derbi ( at the time privately owned and imported by Cycle Imports in Miami ) and Italjet from Bolgona imported by BMW of NY.

Italjet hit the ground running with the Velocifero which was the vehicle of choice of celebrities. Some spending $4,000 to run one of the little buggers with Piaggio engines. Honestly, I thought it was a terrible scooter, but it captured the raw feel of a retro Italian bike that didn't look like a Vespa. It didn't hurt either that you had Noel Gallager and the rest of Oasis running around on them in London.

Looking back had a TV commercial like this run in the states I think more people would have liked scooters...

The new Velocifero is set to go on sale in Italy. It looks a lot like the original, but it has been redesigned with a 4 stroke 50cc QMB engine. You can find out more at

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