Monday, October 17, 2011

GY6 181401 Variator in stock

Half the price than the competition and made by the same people. Yes, MRP has something in stock which will blow away any GY6 racer who needs the 181401 Variator.

The best price period anywhere on a 181401 GY6 variator and in stock now!


SN-VARIATOR-181401 VARIATOR AND FAN GY6 150 The Ultmate high rev variator for GY6 engines High Quality, High Performance variator from SN. This is a great upgrade for your bone stock or high performance engine. Variator kit includes, Back Plate with spacers, Drive Face, Pulley, Pulley Spacers, and Drive Boss. PLUS 13 GR SLIDERS INCLUDED Pair these with Scooter Ninja Sliders for the best performance you can get out of your GY6 Scooter. Compatible with all GY6 racing set ups including Dr Pulley, Malossi, Stage6, Naraku, Polini, NCY, Hoca and more! Mix and match with the ultimate kit. Brings everything you need to upgrade your GY6 today.

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