Sunday, June 28, 2009

Italjet and Diamo Parts

MRP is your number one source for OEM Scooters parts including the new Diamo and Italjet scooter parts.

Martin Racing Performance purchases LS Motorsports parts

Powersports Business
Friday April 24, 2009

Martin Racing Performance (MRP) purchased parts from LS Motorsports, which distributed the Diamo brand in the United States, last week at auction. MRP said in a release Thursday that it wants to work with dealers in need of Diamo parts and has lowered its dealer minimums to aid smaller Diamo dealers.

“We are slowly adding Diamo parts to our Web site on a daily basis,” MRP President Joel Martin said in the release. “Having purchased the QJ distributor in Florida and the LS Motorsports - Diamo parts inventory we are in a unique position to help the industry in a time of need.”

To cater to smaller dealers that were previously working with QJ or LS Motorsports, MRP has lowered its minimum yearly requirements to be an active dealer to $200.

The company said the purchase of the distribution warehouses is leading to a change in MRP’s business model.

“In the past we have been known as mainly a performance parts source,” Martin said in the release, “but now our expansion has allowed us to claim a greater share of the OEM business.”

MRP’s business is separate from Precision Powersports, the new owner of the Diamo brand.

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