Friday, June 20, 2008

Run on Scooters

Seems like a lot of people have woken up across America. Our family has been in the scooter business since 1995, we no longer sell retail and we no longer sell actual scooters but we are happy because we've watched stores discount, close, and struggle for eight years since I came onboard. Doesnt matter what people drive. Driving a scooter is a hundred times better than a Hummer.

It's about time America. Let Ford learn its lesson, let GM close down the Hummer plant. Let's wait for the hybrid scooters and the new Vectrix to arrive. Maybe Harley will make scooters again....

A scooter revolution is finaly on its way.

1 comment:

monkeycheese said...

Preach on, my brotha', the scooter revolution is here to stay! Viva la Scoot!