Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HISTORY OF SYM - Sang Yang Motor Co scooters

This is a short video in Chinese regarding he history of SYM. We're getting a lot of calls here regarding upgrades for the brand so I posted this as a treat for our fans.

One of the best known OEMs in the world, here is the story of SYM.

The company was once part of Honda Taiwan before splitting three ways one became known as Kwang Yang Motor Co. aka KYMCO, the other Sang Yang Motor Co. aka SYM.

We highly recommend this brand. We are familiar with the engines and the makes having been the importers 2003-2005 in the USA and spent time working on the Honda based engines.

To buy performance parts for the SYM lineup in the USA visit one of our authorized sales centers by visiting

There you can find a full list of authorized dealers where you can buy original Martin Racing Performance scooter parts.

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monkeycheese said...

Wouldn't it be cool if the SYMsons switched to scooters? Springfield would be a much cleaner city.