Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TK VARIATORS BACK IN STOCK PCX 150cc, Downtown Kymco 300cc, Honda GY6 150cc, and more

-Increased Acceleration
-Better response when opening and closing throttle
-Increased high end speed
-Less vibrations
-More power to the wheel

Construction Features:
-Machined CNC aluminium
-Stainless steel bells
-Bronze bushings with graphite inserts( to lubricate the slider without grease)
-High-Tech Plastic gliding rollers
The Best Variators are back in stock!
GY6 150cc Chinese Scooter  RaceVariator
Honda PCX 150cc
Only the best for your PCX!

Kymco Downtown 300cc
Kymco Bet and Win 250, Grand Dink 250cc,
Honda Reflex 250cc

Yamaha Majesty 400cc

Honda Silverwing
400cc Variator

Turbo Kit variators distributed exclusively by MRP
Turbo Kit variators distributed
exclusively by MRP
Only the best finish and performance from the leader in Spanish Racing Made in Spain some of the finest variators money can buy. 
Turbo Kit is known in the racing circuit sponsors of Team Aprilia Spain, Team KTM, Team Kawasaki Spain, Team Yamaha and more! The variators are used by all the major pro-circuit racers in Spain, France, and Italy. 
The cylindrical tech sliders produces a revolutionary new style of sliding in order to increase and improve the performance of your maxi-scooter. You'll achieve better acceleration, greater gas mileage, less vibration and no roller clanking. Upgrade your stock scooter for a smoother ride. The plate of the pulley has holes inclined toward the outside where the weights are hosted. When the bell rotates the centrifugal force pushes the weights against the plate, therefore changing the diameter of the surface where the belt travels.
Turbo Kit variators come with the most advanced weights available. These are CNC Variators made of premium quality materials, the care and optimization of the production have all contributed to achieve a extremely good level of performance, reliability and value. These polygon nylon cylindrical sliders perform better than standard round weights by allowing the variator to open farther for higher top speeds, and last longer with less performance material loss. 
-The weights have several unique features such as their composite material containing nylon for better performance. 
Made in Europe. -Made of unique material 
-Low Friction/Low Wear/High temperature resistance
 -Fastest roller weights available in the MAXI SCOOTER CATEGORIES -Record Setting in Tmax, Kymco 500, and Honda models! Comes complete with weights all Turbo Kit products are made in Spain!

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