Thursday, September 20, 2012

AIRSAL Scooter Cylinders

AIRSAL MADE IN SPAIN is now available at MRP. We have the best wholesale prices for our US dealers.
With 20 years plus of experience in the manufacture of cylinders for motorcycles and mopeds, in 1986 we decided to create AIRSAL and transfer our operations to an industrial site in the city of Martorell, located about 30 km from Barcelona.

Airsal cylinder kits made in Spain. Big Bore cyclinders for GY6, JOG, QMB139, Piaggio and more. Parts for many different brands of scooters including Chinese and European models. Airsal one of the leading manufacturers of cylinders in Europe. Airsal was founded in 1986 after twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of cylinder's for motorcycles and mopeds. They are located in Spain only 30km from Tecnigas. Airsal is a major producer of cylinders and bore kits under contract for popular names such as Metra Kit, Droppler, Conti and Bidalot. Airsal Cylinder Big Bore Upgrades for Scooters is in our High Performance Scooter Parts Section. You can find a variety of upgrades not made by other scooter parts companies including special upgrades for the CPI GTR 50cc, CPI GTR 150cc, Piaggio, Kymco Super 9 Liquid Cooled, SYM, and others only carried in Airsal products. We carry several brands made in Spain, but AIRSAL is what we consider a premium high performance scooter parts brand so make sure to try them out. Their expertise in the manufacture of aluminum cylinders using the Scaniment (Nickel-Sillicon Carbide) process has made them one of Europe's leading producers. This is an extremely hard cylinder plating that resists wear considerably better compared to conventional cast iron cylinders. This combined with the benefit of aluminum for better cooling makes this a very durable cylinder. Airsal produces stock 50cc replacement or 70cc conversion cylinder bore kits with the venerable T-6 configuration. With the T-6 in the 50cc version performance is as good or better than the majority of 70cc cast iron cylinders. The T-6 in the 70cc is a very strong performer due to the increased port area allowed by the bridge exhaust. The wear resistant single chrome-moly design allows reliable high rpm operation without the risk of shattering or fatigue. Used with the correct exhaust system and carburetor this cylinder works extremely well on all brands of scooters. This modern technology gives excellent reliability for everyday use. Properly ported and modified the track potential is easily there for the racing enthusiast.
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