Friday, December 24, 2010

New Armadillo Gloves for Motorcycle Stores

New Gloves from Armadillo offer the best in water resistant, warm, comfy gloves for the Scooter Rider in America.

Also if you're in a really cold part of the country check out the VULCAN gloves. It has reflective 3M material, D30, water resistance, and its extremely comfy. So don't be cold, protect yourself from the elements with ARMADILLO SCOOTER WEAR.

In order to get more sales you have to display jackets, most scooter shops aren't into fashion, but much like the motorcycle shops you have to cater to every need of the rider including jackets, gloves, warmers, helmets etc.... so remember without a proper display you can't sell the goods. Armadillo does extremely well in shops where it is properly displayed. We're posting some of these videos to give you some ideas. Make sure to visit us at to find out more about Armadillo and all the products we carry.

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