Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zoomer Ruckus Dyno Chart from TK


I think the coolest thing so far is that on the stock OEM Honda Ruckus 50cc engine the TK Exhaust gives it the best chart we've seen so far.

See below

You can tell on the high end point of the spectrum you get a superior curve and it keeps going. The secret is all in the compression that TK is known for in their 4 stroke exhausts. This is why the brand is the team sponsor of the Aprilia, KTM, and Kawasaki Race teams in Spain for 2010.

The same tech is being applied to the Honda Ruckus 50cc and GY6 swaps.
You can see the TK lineup up by visiting in the USA you can buy it at

You can also see the latest Sponsorship of the SPAIN FINALS with several racers sponsored by TK by visiting their site. Guess who won the race?
Check out these cool pics from the races last weekend:

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