Friday, March 13, 2009

Taiwan Dealer Expo Symposium 2009 Guest Speaker Joel Martin MRP

Taiwan Dealer Expo Symposium 2009 Guest Speaker Joel Martin MRP

The industry is growing, scooter sales are up over 40% in the USA and finally the industry seems it's here to stay. To see how some brands did it we had a big seminar for the industry insiders over at the Indy Show this year. Take a look..... Everyone from SYM, TGB, KYMCO, PGO reps they were all there.

Watch as we talk about the latest news, sales events, and industry happenings at the Dealer Expo. Guest speaker Joel Martin from MRP.

We do more than just sell parts our company is dedicated to helping stores stay in business.
From our articles, to TV appearances, to our advice we help stores. For over 8 years MRP has been dedicated to helping store owners learn, educate, and help consumers.
There is more to it than just selling bikes and thats where MRP comes in. Call it a lifestyle or selling the passion that brought you to motorcycling or scooters.

When it comes to Parts and MRP
We are the only WHOLESALE only parts company in the USA
-Thats right everyone else owns a store and competes with the dealers on Ebay or online, MRP is dedicated to making sure stores make money in the store and online. Our catalog is dealer only and our advice for stores is only for stores to stay in business and make money.
To find out more about MRP and how we can help your dealer meetings visit us at

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