Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Part four of our scooter upgrade 101

Great video on the chinese built 139QMB Four Stroke 49cc Air Cooled engine is found in at least 99 percent of chinese and Tawainese scooters. Video features Dr. Pulley sliders from MRP, transmission belt, and other upgrades available from Martin Racing Performance for your QMB 139 scooter. This engine is a great one to hop and it comes easy. Scootertronics our dealer suggests adding a 47mm (72cc) 51mm (82cc) and 52mm (85cc) to one of these engines along with larger 95 jet Uni Air Filer plus trans upgrade with clutch and clutch bell plus kelvar belt and 5gram roller weights plus a high performance exhaust and your little cjinese scooter now boasts 50mph and no problem going up hills.

For a full list of MRP parts visit

Check out our full list of parts for QMB139 Some of the Chinese units include the PEP BOYS 50cc models including the Baja SC50, Some QJ made Keeway 50cc, the QMB engine is found in many Kymco 49cc 4 stroke models such as the new Vitality, Agility, People 50cc, the exhaust is different on the Kymco models but the engine tends to be the same. Other Chinese models include the Strada RX 50, Jalon JL50QT-21, falcon and JL50QT-15, JL50QT-16,Strada RX 50, Jalon JL50QT-21 falcon, JL50QT-15, JL50QT-16, JL50QT-18, Pantera Freedom, Fusion and Retro, Verucci VC50TS-3M, Sunl SL50QT-16, SL50QT-16, SL50QT-18, SL50QT-2, SL50QT-3, Roketa Bahama, Maui, Sicily, Tank, Baotian 50QT-9, Baotian, 50QT-11, Dotera 50QT-11, Jalon JL50QT-18, Sinski XSJ50QT-6, Sinski XSJ50QT-B, Taishan Commuter, if you have a Chinese QMB 139 engine make sure to stay tuned to for all the latest and greatest parts available for this bike.

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