Friday, February 11, 2011

Scooters are rising as gas prices increase.

Scooters are rising as gas prices increase. This is a fact. I’ve seen it happen every couple of years.

We know gas prices are going up.

We know they will continue to go up this summer.
I just drove by the gas station and I’ve watched how in three months gas has risen over .15. Here in Miami it’s already at $3.49 at some stations. The turmoil in Egypt, Chavez with his crazy comments each week, and a war in Afghanistan doesn’t help. Forget the fact we have the worst winter as far as I remember and we are headed to one of the best scooter seasons in America of the last two years.
People are looking for ways to save. Some dealers have a ton of inventory still left over. Plus there has been an enormous amount of consolidation as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki has gotten rid of unprofitable dealers. There are more and more scooters at the NDA motorcycle auctions than anytime before ensuring a proper supply of both new, used, and inexpensive liquidated Chinese bikes ready to be sold. Plus the moment gas hits $3.50 it’s a boom for repair shops that repair all makes and models. I know this because MRP has more parts for scooters than anyone in the USA right now and every week a change in.
A few things are going to happen and you will hear these constantly on the news as gas prices go up. More people will be taking public transportation, more people will talk about bicycles, new gas initiatives, but eventually it comes down to motorcycles. Consumers will say can I trade by gas guzzling SUV for a motor scooter for the summer? And the answer will be yes.
It is true one of the disadvantages to a riding on a scooter or motorcycle is that there is not as much protection in the event of an accident, but you can prevent that. You can wear a helmet, jacket, gloves, and make sure you’re visible. MRP not only has the largest selection of scooter parts for Asian, European, and hard to find Korean scooters, but we also offer Armadillo Scooter wear. The clothing is top of the line and can help riders protect themselves in case of a fall.

It’s pretty clear to me that P&A sales are going to go up the next few months. So if you have a dealership you’re going to need to have parts, accessories, and clothing. Sign up now, get a stocking order in for the season, and be ready with an account at the only place where you can get many of these hard to find parts MRP.

Obama wants the US to have over 500,000 Electric cars. That’s only going to happen if they allow gas prices to go up. We just pumped $600 trillion dollars into the market making the dollar worth less. The whole middle east is in arms with possible revolts across multiple countries. Do you really think gas prices are going to go back down? It might not be as dramatic as 2008, but high gas prices are here to stay.

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