Thursday, February 24, 2011

I predict Oil will rise above $110 next week

Thank you Wacky Ghadafi,

Oil is about to go up. In part because you are a crazy dictator and you won't be going into the dark without a fight. That's good for day traders and good for scooter salesmen in America.

It was only logical since the economies of the world are heating up again. 2011 will not be a repeat of 2008, it's going to be worse. See something started in the middle east that is going to affect not only how many scooters sell in America, but also the price of food, airline tickets, manufacturing, and the declining value of the dollar.

Since the dollar is worth less prices for goods like scooters will go up. Just as distributors were finally liquidating all the buybacks from 2008 and 2009 this happens. There is nothing in moderation in this business. Expect all the Chinese factories to raise prices if this keeps up.

If there is anything that is clear to me is that Wacky Ghadafi isn't going down without a fight. If it's a Rocky Balboa type fight it could go for a few rounds. He kills some revolutionaries, his sons burn a village or two, and they shoot him sooner or later. The problem is the later. What happens if this drags on for a few weeks? or a month?

He's got American blood on his hands. Just for that we should take him out, but we won't. He's bad for the markets. He's bad for stability. He's bad for the Middle East either way because if he falls there will be more revolutions. Iran will assert it's sphere of influence further driving up the price of oil. If he doesn't a few thousand people will be massacred and the living will be left without the use of facebook. Doesn't matter what happens the price of oil is going to spike. It doesn't matter who wins the instability in the region is spreading.

People like him and Hugo Chavez are so worried about loosing power they could care less about shooting a few people with helicopters.

Europeans don't like confrontation. That's the reason our tanks are still in Germany and the reason it took Clinton to stop the genocide in the former Yugoslavia. If they could have done it on their own they would have, but they can't. All this means that we are in for a fight. Don't expect France to send anyone in to clean up the mess. They are worried, but they aren't going to volunteer to fix the problem.

Wacky Ghadafi doesn't care about human lives, nor how many illegals cross into Italy, he just cares about staying in power. The act of ruling is the only goal. So expect a fight and expect the people of Libya to do this on their own. It means complete and utter chaos. Obama will not send troops and Wacky Ghadafi could care less about an embargo or sanctions. All he has to do is threaten Italy with opening his sea ports to 100,000 illegal Africans and those sanctions will go from threats to open appeasement WWII Poland style.

US oil prices leapt over $100 a barrel today Wednesday for the first time since October 2008. A rumor that Wacky Ghadafi was shot lead to a roller-coaster in prices and now they are going back up again. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Unless one of his own troops shoots him we are back into the 1980s.

There is no return now. Oil is a hot commodity again. Day traders are back in the game. Revolutions are good for some people and terrible for others.

Anyone selling scooters, gasoline, stocks in EV companies or new technologies will likely be making some sales this summer. My phone already started ringing.

Go get your scooters! Gas will be $4 soon everywhere in America.

Thank you Wacky Ghadafi

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